Meet Eric S.

Article by Jennifer Oliver |   January 11, 2021

Eric S.

SVP Administration and Operations

Honolulu Office

What has been one of the most rewarding aspects of working for Martin Defense Group? Two things stand out: 1. The nature of the projects I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with, spanning the full spectrum from proposal, to concept, and through to building and testing. It has been satisfying to be connected to an entire program and see it through from start to the end.  2. The people working for the company are talented, focused and tremendously hard-working.  It continues to be a pleasure to work with them and it’s also exciting to welcome the new talent coming on board.

How have you helped to inspire STEM students? I have been part of the team that has coordinated the RobotX Maritime Challenge here in Honolulu in 2016, 2018 and when they return following COVID. As part of this university level competition, we have connected with local K-12 schools to have their students engage with the teams at their pit booths and participate in the SeaPerch robotics sessions that RoboNation supports at the event.

What qualities do you most admire in others? Hard work and clear decision making.  There is no lack of hardworking people at Martin Defense Group.  I think that is a determining factor that helps the company get projects across the line.  Also, people who can seek out, sort through and efficiently weigh the information to get to a clear decision are fairly rare. 

What is your favorite Hawaiian word or phrase? Laulima: It means, ‘many hands working together.’ Teamwork is stressed.  Individual achievement is encouraged, but success is found in the contributions of many hands working together.

What is your favorite quote and why? “If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” – Steve Jobs.  Simple enough – vision combined with perseverance will get you there.